I don't like to talk so I write.

You made so much noise

that I couldn’t heard the voices in my head.

You kept me away from them

you made me feel like I was doing well

but when you left

the silence screamed that you weren’t there

and I was insane.


I’m fucked up.
I’m a mess.
There’s nothing else I could say.
I wish I could change
but it will be always this way.

I want to write shit about you and me.
I want to express my anger,
I want to put in words how you make me feel.
I want to say what I feel about you,
About you and me.
I want to write I love you.

I believe that there’s hope, there’s a light.
I believe that someday we could shine.
Us, the wallflowers, the losers,
We will be the lucky ones, we would.
I believe that there’s a chance for the lost souls.
I believe that there’s a better life for all of us,
I know it,
I hope it,
I believe that we could be the happiest.

There’s a hole in me.
There’s something missing.
A piece of me is gone.
I’m half dead.
So don’t try to fix me,
because I tried and I failed.



You’re not the only one who cry

Even the sky cries

But then the sun shines

So you can shine too.

The dark side of the moon.
I already saw it.
When the sun was burning on us.